About Us

By now, you’ve probably heard ReCar’s line “How Car Cuying Should Be.” But you may be wondering what is meant by that…

Founded in 2018, the Atlantic Canadian company is built first and foremost on the fundamental principles of integrity and respect. Having been described as a disruptor to the Auto Industry, ReCar’s offers are unique and atypical within the dealership market. This includes Fixed, No-Pressure Pricing on all of its certified vehicles, as well as salaried vehicle advisors that do not have to rely on commission as motivation to perform optimally. This allows its staff to focus on your satisfaction, and prioritizing finding a vehicle that suits your needs at a great price. 

ReCar as a used car dealer has utilized its combined 50+ years of industry knowledge and experience to reimagine the traditional car-buying experience. It rejects the infamous culture of pushy salesmanship and intense pressure that has long characterized much of the automotive industry. Because its experienced advisors are not paid any more for selling you certain vehicles, and thanks to its fixed, pre-negotiated pricing, ReCar offers its customers the best possible pricing without the stress of haggling or bargaining for a just deal. From each and every department, ReCar is on your side and always shares the same goals as its customers. In addition to its relaxed approach, ReCar allows customers up to a week to change their mind if the car isn’t the right fit.

ReCar may be pressure-free with its customers, but when it comes to product quality, it’s observant, thorough, and detail oriented. With a 360° Quality Guarantee, ReCar’s vehicles are thoroughly inspected, both mechanically and cosmetically. It also offers a 12 month warranty, free of charge. And while vehicle financing is often intimidating, and a least favourite part of buying a car, ReCar makes it comfortable and easy with over 16 lenders to help customers finance cars at the best possible rates and on the best possible terms.

Like you, ReCar calls Atlantic Canada home with local locations in Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton and Woodstock, New Brunswick, as well as a brand-new location in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

ReCar hasn’t only reshaped how customers purchase vehicles, but it’s refined how they can sell them as well: 

“Some dealerships are only interested in buying vehicles if they get a sale out of it. At ReCar, every customer is treated the same, whether they are buying from us or simply selling us their vehicle. From the beginning, our mission has been to offer our customers a no-pressure experience while finding the ideal vehicle for them, or for them to sell their vehicle to us.” – Owner, Dave O’Leary.

So, to ReCar, this is how car buying should be. 

If you have any further questions, inquiries, or points of interest, feel free to message our amazing Online Chat Specialists, available to you 24/7, or give your local ReCar a call at the corresponding number located on the sidebar to the right hand side of your screen. We’re here to help you buy a used car that you can rely on every step of the way.