5 Reasons to Drive with Winter Tires


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The trees have exploded with colour and dropped their leaves which signals the arrival of Winter. That means we’ll have to get out the shovels, the scrappers, mittens and of course, get winter tires for your vehicle. Here are 5 reasons while you’ll want to consider winter tires for your vehicle.

1. superior grip on ice and snow

When temperatures dip below 7ºC, all-season tires can start slipping and sliding. Winter tires feature a single-directional tread pattern to deliver extra grip and control on any winter road.

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2. SHORTEr stopping distance

True winter tires have biting edges along the treads to help you dig into ice and snow, improving stopping power and reducing the risk of accidents or skidding on ice.

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3. Cold weather performance

Only tires that feature 3PMS certification are engineered to excel on ice and snow. In fact, the rubber in winter tires is designed to perform best in cold temperatures, even on dry surfaces.

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4. extend the life of your all-season or summer tires

Rotating between winter tires and summer/all-season tires helps preserve tread. By sparing your summer/all-season tires from exposure to harsh winter conditions, you can extend the life of your tires.

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5. worth every penny

For about $1.80 – less than the price of a morning coffee – you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for any winter road condition.

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